The Wonder Room Game is a self contained adventure that can be played entirely within a conference or meeting room and customized to incorporate (in a fun way) themes or salient points about your meeting. Each game begins with a large mysterious trunk covered in symbols, letters and numbers. A virtual message with a hint on how to open the box is delivered to the players; perhaps projected on a screen in the room, or via their phones or email. Hint in hand, players then proceed to find clues, puzzles, gadgets and a number of seemingly random props and objects. Further instructions await within the box. Once players divide into teams and begin, the puzzles and clues creatively help the teams to interact with each other and use social media to ultimately photograph and submit their answers. These posts are automatically consolidated into a customized social media wall which can be projected up during the game and/or for the course of the meeting. This is a non hosted event - (although a virtual host can be provided). Contact us today to set up your event!

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