When the brilliant minds who created Amazing Race, Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure want their own team building treasure hunt, they call Ravenchase!  We create the finest treasure hunts, scavenger hunts and immersive team building events in the world. 

Every event is unique and new and tailored just for you. With hand made treasure maps, a bag full of crafty gadgets, you'll find yourself instantly immersed in an adventure even Indy might enjoy. For every event our staff meets your group, explains the rules and sets you out on your way. Clues can range from finding large paintings in invisible ink, to smashing open a statue to find a message hidden inside, to racing down an alley to get to a ringing phone on the corner. Like a combination of Amazing Race, DaVinci Code and Goonies all rolled into one, we offer a sophisticated, intelligent adventure that will leave you wanting more. Events can be crafted ANYWHERE in the world, for as long as short as you and incorporate any theme you desire.  

With over 10 years of experience and clients that range from the New Orleans Saints, to Microsoft, to Nike to Pfizer and Landrover, we set the gold standard in team building events.  One of the many details that sets Ravenchase apart?  Everything is CUSTOMIZABLE and we will always work to MEET YOUR BUDGET. Interested in YOUR adventure?  Contact us for a proposal and pricing

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