Pubs and Puzzles: A Murder Mystery

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Pubs and Puzzles: A Murder Mystery


Starting location spoiler:

Meet the Ravenchase team in the parking area behind Dogma at 2PM this afternoon! Best of luck to you all!

There has been a murder at Ravenchase Adventures. And while we miss our golden gnome dearly, this means just one thing: Ravenchase is putting on its very first pubs and puzzles murder mystery! Join the quest Sunday, October 28 and retrace the debaucherous final evening of Gnoman Bates as you tour Carytown in search of clues (and brews)!

The investigation begins at 2. Your team will have until 5 to determine the location of the murderer. As always, everyone is welcome to join us for a round of drinks on us after the game.

A clue leading to the starting location will be posted on our facebook page the day before the event. For those of you who don’t get a chance to solve the starter puzzle, a spoiler post will go out the morning of the event, so be sure to check back on the page to learn where to meet!

Sign your team up for the mystery today!

Starter puzzle below! Check the event images for a photo of the crime scene:

Before your investigation can begin
We will put your skills to the test,
By giving you a tricky clue
That puzzled even our best.
Nine placards set upon a crime
Most heinous in its act,
These direct the investigators
To all the evidence and facts.
The first number gives the sequence,
So in that order write them down
The second number shows the flaws
How many letters shouldn’t be found.
Each card has an error or more
Letters that don’t belong
The key is to find the full phrase
By changing the ones that are wrong.
Each placard’s just one syllable,
It’s tricky but you need not cheat;
Consider that the first word REFT
With two swaps becomes simply “MEET.”

Good luck! The spoiler location will be posted tomorrow morning before the game. See everyone then!

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