April Fools! - April 1st - Urban Adventure in Washington D.C.

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April Fools! - April 1st - Urban Adventure in Washington D.C.

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Saturday, April 1st | 2:00pm - 6:00pm | Washington D.C.

Every year it's the same: crank calls, fake news articles, and your favorite show is coming back (it's never coming back). This year, embrace the madness and join Ravenchase Adventures on an Urban Adventure through Washington D.C. on April 1st. Race through a citywide experience using landmarks and oddities to find clues, solve puzzles, and compete for the glory of first place! Assemble your team of 2-6 players and sign-up at www.Ravenchase.com/public-events

Your starter clue will be posted below on this page as well as on our Facebook event page. Solve the clue to find our starting location. 

*Cost of drinks along the way are not included. But your first round of drinks at the finish line will be on us.

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Your starter clue has arrived! Decipher our devious riddle to get the starting location of Saturday's game. If you're unable to solve, a spoiler clue will be posted on the morning of game day.

Did you solve our top hat riddle? Don't worry! Your spoiler is here. Your top hot riddle would have given you "Ravenchase Public Events Ctrl+A". If you visit our public events page at www.Ravenchase.com and hit ctrl+a, you would have found hidden text telling you where to meet us! Your answer was The Wilson Center at 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004. Allow yourself plenty of time to get there by 2PM as it will be a very busy day in D.C. and good luck in today's adventure!