How does all this magic actually work you ask? Great question! All of our events are unique, and completely customized to meet your needs, but whether you're signing up for a team building event, fundraiser or public event, there are a couple of things that are at the foundation of service: 

  1. We Build The Unicorn Of Your Dreams - We gather up your hopes and ideas for your adventure by talking with you first to get an understanding of exactly what you want. If it's a purple unicorn with a monkey on it's back riding towards a rainbow, we find a horse, a horn, some glue (hopefully not from a relative of the horse), a trained monkey (easier than you'd think) and some hidden water spray jets at just the right angle in the sun. 
  2. We ensure the event is Turn-Key - Once your event is booked, we set our staff in motion developing every facet, play-testing the game and ensuring that you never have to think about it again until it's show time. 
  3. We Facilitate The Magic - On game day a seasoned, smart, attractive, witty staff member (unless its Josh and then you get 3 out of 4) shows up early, greets your group, explains all the rules, passes out materials and sets you and your group out on the way (before stepping back into the mysterious black van to oversee and monitor the game). But do note!: While most games unfold at a location of your choice, we can also create a game of digital clues, like those used for the Leap Year Adventure! Those of you along for the adventure will need more than clues alone! 
  4. We Bring The Gold - At the end of the game, be it champagne or Super Bowl Rings or Golden gnomes, we award prizes, cheer your group on and ensure everyone leaves with an experience that glows golden in the memory for years to come. 


How Long Does The Event Last? Answer: As long or as short as you like. We customize it to meet your time window. An average game last 2-3hrs. 

Where Can We Have An Event? Answer: We do events worldwide. From Paris to Gozo to your very own office or hotel conference room. 

What Can I Customize? Answer: Anything you like. Seriously, anything. We are very adapt at incorporating everything and anything, from core values or company mission principals, to having your teams engage with a specific person, product or location. 

How Much Does Awesome Cost? Answer: We work with any budget. From small groups of 10 people on a fixed budget for a small non-profit to multi-national billionaires, everything depends on what you want and how big your group is. Once we talk with you, and develop an event proposal for your review, we typically provide 3 cost options levels so you can pick and choose - and awesome is available at any price, although typically only billionaires order "real" unicorns. 

Do I Have To Push Anyone Over A Wall? Answer: No, not unless you want to. 

Insurance? Answer: We are fully insured and have a perfect 10 year safety record. We did have one large gentleman split his pants once, but luckily he was wicked smart, won the game and had a nice large golden gnome to block the view (poor bastard....the gnome that is). 

Physical Condition? Answer: You don't have to look like Brad and Angelina to play (although that would be kinda awesome). The event is customized around your skills and abilities. If you want to run through a jungle with people chasing you, no problem, but if you're looking for a standard team-building event for middle age, office workers, we make it work for everyone. 

How Do I Book An Event? Answer: Simply give us a call. We will hold your date and once we agree on all the facts and logistics, send you an invoice for 50% of the event cost. The other 50% is do on the day of the event. Payments can be made by check, cash, wire transfer, credit card or gold doubloons, or new cars, land titles (no bridges please), or barter for a chance at space flight, a Ural Motorcycle with side car or a live private concert with an agreed upon rock god. (50+ Year old single malt scotch, may also be traded for a discount.)

If We Are Fundraising, How Do We  Raise Money Doing This? Answer: In much the same way you make money from tabletop sales or through a walk/run/ same old same event. The difference of course is that Ravenchase events are far, far more exciting and memorable. There are a number of fundraising structures that can be employed and some really great opportunities for sponsors. Once we agree upon the type of event you want, we with your to maximize your revenue potential. Over the last 3 years alone, we've helped small local charities and national foundations raise over $2,000,000. 

If We Are Fundraising, How Do Logistics Work? Answer: Everything is completely customizable but at its heart, like we said above, we work hand and hand with you to ensure it's turn-key and designed to meet your mission and fundraising goals. We are happy to work in your budget. Check out some of the facts under team-building. The Who, What, When, Where and Why all apply. 


Our public games are a great way to try out Ravenchase. Once you sign up, we send you out a starter clue about two days before the race. When solved, the first clue will reveal the race start time and location. Ravenchase staff meets your group at the adventure's start location to provide handmade treasure maps, a set of clues, cool gadgets and helpful hints. Each public or private hunt leads you through historic sites, museums, parks and more as you race against other teams and the clock. On your way, you'll solve riddles and crack codes using gadgets and your own genius. Solve all the clues in the shortest amount of time and you win the race. The final answer in the race will ultimately lead everyone to the chosen end destination. Here, Ravenchase will award fabulously tacky prizes to the top three teams while libations are poured!

Now if you're wondering how Pubs&Puzzles work, we don't really remember, it's kind of a blur (but we know it was really, really fun).