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How does all this magic actually work you ask? Great question! All of our events are unique, and completely customized to meet your needs – but whether you're signing up for a team building event, fundraiser, or public event, there are a couple of things that are at the foundation of service.

Before the Event Begins – We will work with you to make sure the event becomes the experience of your dreams. Know exactly what you want? Great – we’ll find a way to turn your wild imagination into a reality.  Not quite sure what you need? No problem – we have over ten years of event experience, and have designed immeasurable adventures to fit the bill (you can browse our experiences in the Team Building and Fundraising sections of our site to see examples).

Set and Forget – Once your event is booked with a deposit, we set our staff in motion developing every facet, play-testing the experience and ensuring that you never have to think about it again until show time.  When the day of your event day arrives, we send a brilliant and witty staff member to serve as your event host and facilitate the entire experience. We’ll show up early to greet your group, explain all of the rules, pass out materials and send you out on your adventure.

Experience Adventure – Our events play out like a game. We will separate your group into competing teams, who will work together to explore their environment (like the urban area around your workplace, or the thrush jungles of Peru) and overcome a series of challenges. Armed with maps, gadgets, and other adventure paraphernalia, the teams will race each other to explore landmarks, encounter actors, and access brilliant clues which guide them along. Whatever your theme, the experience itself will be immersive and engaging: like an episode of The Amazing Race, or a lost Indiana Jones movie.   

Get the Gold – When all teams have finished, the celebration begins!  Our events generally end at a bar or restaurant where teams can reconvene and swap stories about the adventure. And of course, the winners will claim their hard-earned reward – be it champagne, Super Bowl Rings or our glorious golden gnomes.  We’ll award the prizes, help cheer your group on, and ensure everyone leaves with an experience that glows golden in the memory for years to come. 

If you'd like to browse our event experiences, use the navigation bar above. If you'd like to learn more about us, use the links below. Ready to book your experience? Contact us now!  


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