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Public Hunts

If you liked the DaVinci Code, Goonies, National Treasure or Harry Potter, you'll love Ravenchase Adventures' public hunts! Check out upcoming events below or learn more:


Richmond, Charlotte, Philadelphia, D.C., and Austin
February through November
Walking Event - Downtown

Ravenchase Adventures presents the 2014 PUBS & PUZZLES Races - urban adventure races where your brains and liver engage in brilliant battle. The 2014 Ravenchase Pubs & Puzzles Races are team adventure races based in U.S. cities from Philadelphia to Austin. Ravenchase Pubs & Puzzles Races are like a combination of the Amazing Race, National Treasure, and The Goonies with a little bit of drinking all rolled into one. You and your team of friends, family, or co-workers will use your wits to solve clues, crack ciphers, and race to the end.

All races begin at 2:00 p.m. and will be done on foot in the heart of each downtown.

  • March 22 – Richmond
  • June 21 – Philadelphia
  • October 18 – Washington DC
  • November 15 –Austin TX

10th Annual Great Virginia Race Quest for the Pittman Cup

May 24-25
$50 per player

If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, we have what you have been looking for! If you're a fan of The Game, National Treasure, Amazing Race, Da Vinci Code or Goonies, this is the race for you. This quest will take you through some of Virginia's great historic landmarks and institutions, as well as its lesser known banjo filled areas, while testing your physical and mental limits. Brilliant codes, ciphers, clues and puzzles await! The winning team will receive the mother of all trophies - the Golden Gnome, a timeless testament to glory and genius and now named in tribute to a man who exemplified both qualities, the late Dr. Randy Pittman. This Stanley Cup of brilliance will have your team name engraved upon it for all of time. The price includes admission to all locations, a great party with drinks the first night and an even better party with drinks the second night! Additional details will be provided shortly! Space is limited so reserve now. Your team can sign up to race at either the beginner/intermediate level or at the advanced level. A Golden Gnome PittmanCup will be given out to both the beginner/intermediate winning team and to the advanced winning team. Not sure about which level to signup for? Teams who have played each of the past eight years will be signing up for the advanced level. Normal folks will be signing up for the beginner/intermediate. .

  • May 24-25 Pittman Cup

    August 28-Sept 1
    $100 per player

    Details coming soon.

    Outer Banks Adventure Quest

    Outer Banks, NC

    The Outer Banks Adventure is closed for the season. Check back next summer for more adventures!

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    Remember, we can customize hunts for any occasion and any group. If you don't see your location listed here, contact us and we can set up an event in your area.

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