Make life an adventure.

How It Works

Ravenchase is the best thing that has happened to guide your adventure since the compass.

Whether you are looking for a once in a lifetime adventure through the streets of Prague or back alleys of Paris, or want to explore the streets of the Washington Capital or your own local neighborhood, Ravenchase can provide custom adventure races for any size group, occasion and level.

For large groups working in teams or for smaller crowds, families and groups of friends, Ravenchase will deliver a first clue and other must-have information (supplies and gadgets you should prepare) prior to the event.

When solved, the first clue will reveal the race start time and location. Ravenchase staff will meet your group at the adventure's start location to provide handmade treasure maps, a set of clues, cool gadgets and helpful hints. Each public or private hunt leads you through historic sites, museums, parks and more as you race against other teams and the clock. On your way, you'll solve riddles and crack codes using gadgets and your own genius. Solve all the clues in the shortest amount of time and you win the race. The final answer in the race will ultimately lead everyone to the chosen end destination. Here, Ravenchase will award fabulously tacky prizes to the top three teams while libations are poured!

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